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MS-group consolidates a multinational team of professionals with significant experience in the large companies and in the groups of companies.  All experts of MS-group are professionals who have extensive experience in conducting crisis action; experience of creating financial schemes of interaction between companies and business; experience of optimizing loan portfolios and cash flow; experience in law and the field of international law.

Number of employees – 49
Number of clients –more than 100
Partners in the 15th countries of the world
Number of projects awaiting funding -19 pcs. totaling about $3bln.

MS-group specializes in attracting international financing in the economies of Eastern Europe and other countries.

In recent years MS-group participated in corporate transactions of the investment nature of the total value of more than 2 billion Euros.

MS-group is an important regional partner of the leading European investment banks in the Western and Eastern Europe as a result of a highly regarded work, and impeccable reputation.

Specialists of MS-group worked in such market segments as:

  • Energy and Alternative Energy
  • IT technology and data
  • Construction
  • Oil and Gas
  • Agriculture
  • Logistics
  • Pharmaceutics
  • Metallurgy

Specialization of  MS-group:

  • representation of business owner in financial and legal issues;
  • consultation and feasible to managers and top-managers in such fields as finance, legal, investment, lending, asset management, work at the intersection of legal and financial activities in the different  jurisdictions.

MS-group is your Financial Counselor and Trustee.