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Asset management

MS-group provides a range of Asset management services given by our financial lawyer.
Asset Management as a service is popular worldwide and is one of best opportunities to invest money in the securities market for private investors and companies.

The development of asset management segment is fast enough. However, every day companies face the problems related to various aspects of business. To realize the full potential of business the clear and thoughtful actions are necessary in the following areas:

  • management of business growth
  • minimization of risks
  • compliance with regulatory requirements

MS-group Company provides the following kinds of financial services for asset management:

  • Cash Asset Management

Managing cash assets is a process of professional management of various types of securities (stocks, bonds, etc.) and other assets (e.g. real estate). The purpose of cash asset management is the profit received by investors. Both companies (insurance companies, pension funds, corporations, etc.) and private investors can be the investors.  The investor has no need to monitor constantly the value of securities, analyze the market and fulfill trade and depositary operations. The investor receives regular detailed information on the operations and the condition of the investment portfolio from the management company. Cash Asset Management company is interested in the maximum profit of the investor, because the company’s reward depends directly on the income of the investor.

• Enterprise Asset Management

Asset management of a company is a type of activity that deals with the formation of individual assets. Proprietary processes primarily relate to:

  • the investments, which the company directs to the technical development (reconstruction, upgrading of technological equipment, new products development, construction and repair of industrial real estate, etc.),
  • the financial investments (the purchase of securities, the creation of subsidiaries, etc.);
  • the financing of ongoing operations;
  • the maneuvering of temporarily idle funds,
  • as well as to the reverse process - use or liquidation of property complex objects, their implementation, etc.

The Services of the MS-group financial lawyer for asset management of a company give the possibility to deploy effectively the available funds and there is no need to keep up constantly with the value of securities. Customer may choose to trust the management of his/her shares in the company, having saved himself from many troubles. Clients are regularly provided with full information on the operations and the status of the investment portfolio.

  • Trust Asset Management

Trust asset management is a service of asset management, which provides a high income through investing in various instruments of the stock market and competent management. Asset management concerns a wide range of investors: both natural and legal persons who do not have free time or skills to work independently on the stock market but are willing to entrust their assets to the professionals in the field of portfolio investment.

The services of a financial lawyer on the asset management include:

  • asset management services for institutional investors: investment funds, private pension funds, insurance companies
  • management of individual portfolios of large investors
  • helping to estimate the fair value of assets
  • financial and investment consulting
  • individual investment strategies
  • effective system of risk control
  • continuous tracking of financial markets
  • regular reports on the status of the investment portfolio
  • confidentiality of transactions
  • search for professional investment managers
  • studies of individual assets and their classes
  • making transactions
  • marketing
  • internal audit
  • preparing reports for clients
  • choosing the investment strategy most suitable to the client

Giving our clients Asset Management services, MS-group is guided first and foremost by the objectives of our clients and provides asset management by investing in Ukrainian financial and stock markets, international capital markets in off-shore jurisdictions.
Ordering the services of our financial lawyer for Asset Management , you can be sure that the MS-group will provide you with services of high quality and on time.
Financial Services Asset Management which MS-group provides refers to the category of Financial services in section Financial counselor service, describing the general list of services of the MS-group company.
You may order the service of a highly experienced financial lawyer for Asset Management,
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