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Optimizing corporate schemes by using offshore companies

MS-group provides a range of financial services to optimize corporate schemes with the use of offshore companies (including law and custom tools).

Optimizing corporate schemes using offshore companies - is one of the most popular financial instruments in the modern business world. Today the medium-sized business actively goes far ahead of the local one (operating in one country). The development of legally and financially optimal business schemes is a challenge that requires experience and expertise that experts of MS-group really have.

Creating the scheme of its work international business takes into account tax attractiveness of the countries of their future activity. In certain cases, just the tax considerations (the ability to optimize the corporate schemes) play the key role in choosing the places of activity for the branches.

The core segment of corporate off-shore structures are the companies registered in different countries. To reduce the tax the companies with tax-free or low-tax may be used. They can be both off-shore companies and companies from the "normal" countries, but also havng certain tax breaks or exemptions. In the process of the off-shore optimization various tools can be applied, including judicial and customs instruments.

In order to have tax schemes both effective and legitimate, only qualified professionals should develop them. MS-group offers its services in international tax planning for trade organizations, banks, insurance companies, to all the participants of foreign economic activity.

Having ordered the financial services of our lawyers on tax planning (optimization of corporate schemes), you can be sure that the MS-group will provide services with high quality and in the designated time.

Financial services of MS-group with using offshore companies refer to the category Financial Services in section Financial counselor service, is a part of the general list of MS-group services.

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